Short Film

F’Arts Sake is the slapstick comedic tale of Colin, a man with a singular obsession – a painting, that’s due to exhibit at the art gallery next to his office. 
Through the barriers of sold out signs and a love tussle with his sleazy boss for a date with co-worker Claudia, Colin devises a master plan to see the picture he worships, with the woman he loves.


F’Arts Sake recently won the award for best comedy at the Bristol Independent Film Festival. Was great to see the film on the big screen at the Everyman cinema.

This film is my first venture into directing since my early days at film school and it has given me the drive to continue this on with further projects.


I am currently in pre-production with my next short film, My Life Sucks – The Musical.

It’s the story of Clara, an apparently ordinary teenage girl who has to work in an old people’s home, because in reality she is a succubus who preys on old people’s souls.

I have already assembled a small team of great people to begin the process of writing and scoring the songs for the film.