Ross McFall Editor


I started out as an edit assistant in London working on entertainment shows and documentaries, before becoming a freelance editor on a  crime series and other science and factual docs. I then found myself in New Zealand cutting prime time shows and commercials for TVNZ.

Back in London I became a 1st Assistant on a Dolph Lundgren feature film, where I learnt so many of the techniques which I still use today.
I then begun cutting extreme sports which took me to sunny Cornwall, but I eventually made the move to Bristol which has now been my home for over ten years.

Throughout my career I have tried to keep my work as varied as possible, to keep me thinking on my feet and keep pushing myself. I take on each new project as a challenge, working how to get the best out of the material to form the strongest story.


The cutting room is a powerful place for films, and it can certainly be made in the edit if you have the understanding of how creative you can be.